Fashion Lessons from Scarlett

It’s been a tumultuous summer with many unforeseen events. Things have had to be moved quickly. There’s been a seismic shifting of stuff. Luckily in the chaos which is my life, I’ve found an app for that. It’s called Poshmark. I love history and the great friends I’ve made, and Posh offers a way to make bank, and new friends who share my love of all things history, fashion and style. Hence, from all that – along with the two emails and a website crashing, this new concept was born.

On this site, Posh History will look into the history of fashion; for instance…Why do we love designer scarves like Hermes more than one that can be bought at WalMart? Why do they cost so much more? Why do we want that Chanel, Burberry or Dior bag? The older fashion and perfume houses all have a history and their stories are fascinating. We will investigate those in upcoming posts.


What better way to kick off Posh History than to examine the panache of a fictional character – Scarlett O’Hara of Atlanta, Georgia – the only character in film and literary history to create a dress from her mother’s window treatments. Let’s examine what Scarlett taught us;  specifically, the fashion lessons of Scarlet. Let’s look at her stylishness and see what we can use in the 21st century.

Don’t Wear Corsets

Who has ever really been excited about being laced up in a corset? Look back at history. Generations of women broke ribs and damaged their internal organs – that’s proof of how terrible corsets are. Even when Scarlett yearns for her pre-baby waist, she looks like she would rather plow Tara again instead of being laced up in that thing. And who wouldn’t?

Dress To Impress

Remember when Rhett loses it because Scarlett and Ashley Wilkes were seen sharing an innocent hug at the mill? That evening, for Ashley’s birthday party Rhett makes her dress her part; we have to presume he means that of a prostitute by tossing a red dress at her and forcing her to wear it. What happens? Scarlett appears at the party hosted by Melanie, and she looks super-fly—although somewhat over-dressed in an outfit with red velvet and feathers. She appears as if she ran out of fucks to give, because she did. Our lesson here is this: Go big or go home.

There’s No Such Thing As Being Overdressed

Scarlett looked fierce af in that red dress. It made the other women at the party look frumpy. They looked like women who didn’t know how to dress for a celebration. Always dress up. As Southerners say, it’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

About Wearing Black… Gone-With-the-Wind-gone-with-the-wind-4373952-1024-768

No one’s going to argue that Scarlett did a lot of things very wrong. She shouldn’t have chased a married man, married Melanie’s brother and then married her own sister’s boyfriend to pay taxes. But, what we have to question is Scarlett’s tears over her all-black ‘widow’s weeds’. Sure, maybe it was the tradition in the 19th century, but black is the premier color for any clothing. We all know that having lots of black makes getting dressed extremely easy.

Use What You Have

Scarlett needs money and knows Rhett Butler has it. She’s going to have to ask him for enough cash to save the farm, and acknowledges that she’ll have to dress up for this request because Rhett won’t give her money if she looks like a field hand. ??? The woman is literally dirt-poor at that point in the story. It’s genius that Mammie and she devise a way to make a dress out of Tara’s green curtains. This proves how smart the women are, and also how resourceful. They teach us that we can create anything if we need to and do it on the spur of the moment if we have to.

They taught us how to take the question…What am I going to wear? to a completely new level of thinking.

Know Your Colors

Scarlett O’Hara knew what colors she looked best in. She always wore red, green, white, or blue tones. She doesn’t experiment. She knows what works and that’s what she wears. She might’ve been crying about the black, but she looked great in it. Everyone looks fabulous in black.

Style Should Evolve

Scarlett O’Hara hated the Civil War. She embraced change, and her clothes reflected that. She starts the book and movie as a sixteen-year-old in hoop skirts, but by The End she was rocking some major Victorian vibes, going for sleek silhouettes and European cuts. Our lesson here is to change with the times. Don’t wear your hair, make up or clothes like you did ten years ago.

Never Wear The Same Thing Twice

Only thing about this lesson is, none of us will ever be able to do this because this is the real world, and our wardrobes aren’t curated by a major film studio.

But, we can learn from #5  – Be creative – and #1 – If all else fails, always wear a red dress.

The Shame Game

Look at Melanie and Aunt Pitty-Pat: covered up from head to toe and wearing those severe middle parts in their hair.  Then, we have Scarlett and Belle Watling. Personally, I liked the colorful outfits. But they are not for everyone. Can’t handle low necklines? That’s your choice but don’t shame the women who don’t dress the way you do.

Scarlett and Atlanta


Scarlett was a modern woman in an archaic time – a suffragette or Jazz Age flapper trapped in hoop skirts. Let’s not get sentimental about those clothes or the times; let’s do what Scarlett would do and keep up with the latest. Again, don’t follow trends. You do you. That’s what style is all about. One last thing, if everyone would please acknowledge that if Scarlett’s movie was set in the contemporary era, it would still be in Atlanta, that’d be great. I’ve read blogs and articles that say Scarlett would be living in New York, Paris or London if the movie was contemporary.

Who are they kidding?

Scarlett would never leave Atlanta, and now the world has come here – Atlanta is one of the world’s shopping meccas. We are a city of seven million people, and the days of GWTW are literally gone with the wind. Fashion is our passion. Scarlett would be living in Midtown or Buckhead, still making everybody miserable and living life on her own terms. And, she would be looking fabulous no matter how she felt, which is the name of the game.

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